Energy recovery through investment and modernization

Published on : 11 February 2015

Albanian citizens have already decided a new way of coexistence with the power system in the country. “Energy Recovery” was the meeting organized by the Operator of the Electricity Distribution in view of the results of January and investment plans for 2015. In implementing mitigation schemes, initiated by the government, the distribution company has increased revenues and improved service.

OSHEE Administrator Adrian Cela said that these schemes that have relieved Albanian families have already confirmed their positive results. Mr. Çela announced that from December 4, when the scheme started being implemented, up on January 31 approximately 138 thousand agreements have been stipulated between the company and household customers. These have led to a significant increase of collection figures.

Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Enterprise Arben Ahmetaj said that success in its implementation is closely related to the awareness of citizens that “the time when people would benefit from not paying electricity consumption is already over”.

Noting the government’s commitment to a new platform for the communication of citizens with state institutions to jointly combat illegality, Interior Minister Samir Tahiri assured that the Ministry of Interior and the State Police fully support every measure taken for the elimination of electricity theft.