Albanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure grant concession/PPP Highway
30 Years

The Government of Albania through the Ministry of Transport
and Infrastructure (“MTI”) intends to grant concession/PPP to construct, upgrade,
operate and maintain the Milot – Morine Highway. The Highway forms part of the
National Roads network and constitutes the largest road engineering project
constructed in Albania’s history. Linking Milot, approximately 60km north east
of the Adriatic Port of Durres, with Morine at the Kosovo border, the route
forms the central section of the wider Albania to Kosovo Highway, connecting
Durres with Pristina.

The main objective of this works and services Concession/PPP project is
upgrading of the Highway and its effective operation and maintenance. The Future
Concessionaire will upgrade, operate and maintain the Highway subject to a set
of predefined performance standards over a 30 year concession term. The future
Concessionaire will collect and keep toll revenue and in exchange it will have
responsibility to implement and finance motorway improvement measures,
construct a new Drini Bridge at Kukes, and implement the most urgent
geotechnical stabilization works.

Request for Prequalification Submission Deadline Date: March 23, 2015, Time:
15:00 CET. Deadline for opening of Prequalification Applications Date: 23 Mars
2015 Time: 15:00 CET.