Development Fund Open Procurement on the Urban Qualification City Kukes

Released, 27 April 2015

Albanian Development Fund (FSHZH) (alias
Fondi Shqiptar i Zhvillimit – FSHZH) announces the opening of the procurement procedure
on the Urban requalification of the city center, facades, lighting, garden of
the City Kukes.

here procurement will be perform by open procedures with electronic system. The
limit fund is established 1,276,372.20 EUR (179,950,035.00 ALL) without the VAT
and with the incomes from its operating expenses.

deadline for completion of the here works is establish within the 6 (six) months with the starting from
the date of conclusion of the signing of contract. The prequalification
submission deadline is established on 21 May 2015 within the hour 10.00 a.m.
and the deadline for opening of the prequalification applications will come within
the same timeframe.