The government has turned the eyes in the right direction

Published on : 06 May 2015

The new plant of construction materials in Dekoll is one of the most modern plants in the Balkans. It built in just one year and two months with an investment of 6 million Euros on an area that 14 months ago was covered by briers and garbage.

Thanks to the latest Italian technology of production, which applies to every process including packaging, a closed cycled has been enabled where everything is done automatically.

The plant covers a total area of 12.000 square meters. Over 200 workers have been employed to date, and another 100 new jobs are expected after this new investment.

The owner of the plant, Geront Çela, told the Prime Minister that the incentives provided by fiscal policies of the government, such as VAT abolition on machineries, have allowed him to save considerably on his investment.

“Customs facilitated us on machineries, because we did not pay the VAT. The VAT abolition on machineries was a huge help to us and in addition it facilitated procedures. This was an investment of 6 million Euros and the plant was built in one year and two months. The abolition of VAT by law has allowed us to save 40 million ALL”, he said.

He also informed that the products are intended for domestic and foreign market, and his ambition is to increase plant capacity in the future with a new line of painting production. “The products are for the domestic market and for export. These products are produced in the plant, and there are over 25 items that we produce here. The full range includes 80 products.”

The Prime Minister enquired about vocational education of workers, which is provided within the company. Geront Çela explained the difficulty to find in the market mid-range technicians, engineers and other professionals that the plant needs. This is one of the reasons, the entrepreneur explained, why he has employed in his plant Italian engineers, because our market doesn’t provide any.

The Prime Minister said that the government’s intention is to promote employment, and stressed that the qualification of employees is very important. “This is the biggest problem that we have inherited in terms of labor, because vocational education was destroyed for years and now we need some years to get back on track and to meet every need of the job market for technicians and crafts people. As a consequence, companies cannot grow because they lack human resources, and in many cases they look for them abroad.”

Mr. Çela told the Prime Minister that another relief has been also the automatic refund of VAT, thanks to which his business has saved $ 30,000.


Prime Minister Edi Rama was in the city of Durres and inspected works on the square called “I love Durres”. He was accompanied by Mayor Vangjush Dako. The square extends to the seashore where a recreational area in the shape of sphinx has been built where citizens can enjoy the sunset, fish or sunbathe. This public space was financed by the municipality of Durrës.