Three international hydrocarbons companies have expressed their interest to invest in the hydrocarbons sector in Albania, to drill two onshore oil blocks in Dumre area, announced the Albanian ministry of energy and industry on Friday.

The companies have applied at the Albanian national agency of natural resources for exploiting Block 4 and Dumre Block.

“Block 4” has received application from two companies Shell Upstream Albania B. & Petromanas Albania GmbH and Interland Investment SA, while for Dumre Block received submission from three companies, Shell Upstream Albania B. & Petromanas Albania GmbH, Interland Investment SA and Navitas Petroleum Limited, according to Albanian daily news.

Shell Upstream Albania and Petromanas are jointly working in Shpirag area in search of oil. Shell is one of the most known and successful companies in the hydrocarbons sector and is active in 90 countries worldwide.

Navitas Petroleum Limited Israeli Company is controlled by Delek Group LTD, a leading company in the world in various sectors as energy, oil and gas, energetic parks and infrastructure. It has a market cap of more than 5 billion US dollars and company’s activity is mainly focused in eastern Mediterranean, Israel and Cyprus.