The Ministry of Energy and Industry will use 16.4 million EUR of soft loans, offered by the Italian government, in support of the Albanian energy sector. The cooperation memorandum was signed by Foreign Minister Damian Gjiknuri and Italian Ambassador Massimo Gaiani.

The funds remaining from the program “Technical and Managerial Restructuring of KESH, and the repair of the Albanian electric system – APE1” and “Restructuring and repair of the Albanian electric system for its integration in the Balkan system – APE 2”, which foressees a soft loan of 93 million EUR for the Albanian government, and a grant component of 1 million EUR.

“There will be investments in the Himara-Saranda region. The new substations in Orikum-Himara will complete the distribution network in that important area for the tourist potentials. Eight million EUR will be invested in the years to come”, Minister Gjiknuri declared.

“First of all it is the empowering of the distribution system in the southern area, which has an important tourist potential for the country. The second part of the activities is related to the enlargement of the supervisory system and the data control with the Skada system, which will be used in all substations with 110 KW. Through these projects, the Albanian electric-energetic system will be more credible and more integrated in the European ssytem, and will take energy where it is mostly needed”, said the Italian ambassador, Massimo Gaiani.