One of the most important investments to enhance the network of 110kW line transmission in southern Albania is being made after four decades of electrification. Prime Minister Edi Rama and Minister of Energy Damian Gjiknuri were today in Himare and inspected works for the construction of the 110kW power line Babice-Sarande. The approximately 109 kilometer long line is part of the southern energy ring. Approximately 11 million Euros will be invested in order to replace the overused network and improve the quality of supply.

This is the first investment in the energy system of the area made after 40 years. It will be expanded with the construction of two substations of 110 kW lines in the Ionian coastline, in Orikum and Himare. In case of defects in the transmission lines, the line Babice-Sarande will provide power supply to Sarande, Delvine, Gjirokaster and Telepele. In addition, it guarantees safe operation of the power plant of Bistrice.

Director of Transmission System Operator (TSO), Engjell Zeqo said that this investment will guarantee a thorough improvement of the quality of electricity service in a priority area for tourism development. “The benefit of this will be reduction of losses, but also reduction of the hours without energy. And if you consider this, costs are now hundreds of times higher than buying expensive energy. Meanwhile, it creates many opportunities for tourism, because today many business are affected by the lack of energy. Nobody has looked at this area for many years. This is the biggest investment made ever since the time of electrification.”

Minister Gjiknuri noted that this investment and the southern energy ring will eventually solve the power supply problem of the south coast. “The villages along the coast, which is the most touristic part, should be supplied normally with energy. This investment avoids all of this problems, especially when temperature raises. I think that within two years we will have a power supply with modern standards and there will be no problems. We will have available the basic structure for the development of tourism.”

The 110kW transmission network in the south of Albania, also known as the southern energy ring, which is in the implementation phase, consists of the 110 kW lines of Vlore-Sarande; Erseke-Përmet; Korce-Erseke; Përmet-Këlcyrë-Memaliaj and Zemblak-Korce. TSO Director informed that the line Korce-Erseke will be completed in September, and that with the completion of the line Babice-Sarande by 2015 the entire southern ring will have a new line.”

The Prime Minister said that poor quality of electricity supply is one of the major issues not only in the lives of residents, but also for the development of the tourist potential in this area.

This line will solve this problem of the coastline once and for all. Therefore, this investment was welcomed by residents of the area, and one of them told the Prime Minister “This is something great you are doing for us.”

The new methods of transportation by drone of the fibers to be extended from one pole to the other was demonstrated for the first time on the ground. So far, this has been done manually by workers.