Albania is seeking for private sector developers
to obtain, develop and operate three fully serviced areas, located in Koplik,
Spitalla and Vlora, as newly created Technical and Economic Development Areas
(TEDAs). The GoA invites in an early stage in begin of May 2015 all the
interested developers to engage within non-binding dialogue ahead of a
potential tender process. Following above initiative, lastly, on August 26,
2015, the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship
announced the open of competitive procedure for the construction, development,
maintenance and operation in the Spitalla Technological and Economic
Development Zone, in Durres city.

The announcement for the launch of the competitive
procedure has been published in the international magazine Financial Times and
will be republished in the two upcoming issues on August 27 and August 28,
2015. The duration of the contract or terms of execution in years will be 99
years. In the announcement, it is specified that the bidder must submit the Bid
Security Form and the demanded value of Bid Security 15 ALL million within the October
28th, 2015.

The duration of bids’ validity is 150 days. As
regards of selection criteria for the winning bids, the selection will be made
by giving points for certain aspects of the bid, where the highest points are
100. More in detail, 50 points are given for the financial capacity and the
capability to finance the project (the business plan), 20 points for the
technical proposal for the construction of the zone, 16 points for the social impact,
8 points for the predicted deadline of investment’s finalization and 6 points
for the environmental impact.

Spitalla free economic zone is situated nearby the
Port of Durres, the biggest and the most important port in Albania, near to the
second largest city for the economic development in Albania, Durres city, only
30 away from “Mother Theresa” International Airport, 37 km from the Albanian
capital, Tirana. The zone situated in the northern part of Durres city has a
surface of 501.9 hectares.

This zone has been create with a Decision of
Council of Ministers Number 666, Date 29.07.2015 on “Announcement of the
Spitalla Technological and Economic Development Zone, Durres”. An initiative
that seeks to create world-class technical and economic development areas
(TEDAs) also in Koplik (Shkoder district, approx. 61 ha) and Vlora (Vlore
district, approx. 230 ha). As currently, envisioned, future developers will be
offered exclusive development and operator rights on these properties, through
a long-term lease.

All three areas are in close proximity to a
skilled labour force, educational institutions, and city centres with sizeable
populations. Developers and investors will benefit from Albania’s competitive,
educated and multi-lingual labour force, as well as recent reforms that have
improved the country’s business climate and competitiveness. These include
steps to strengthen the conditions for investment and improve business and
transportation linkages, especially in Europe. Then, in the end can be say that
these initiatives will make definitely Albania an exciting venue to work in the
entire region!

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