Country Kosovo
Business sector Power and Energy
Project ID Op ID 45552
Funding source EBRD loan proceeds
Type of contract Counsultancy Services
Type of notice Invitation for Expressions of Interest
Issue date 23.09.2015
Closing date 23.10.2015


Kosovo Transmission Development Project

Project Implementation Consultant

Assignment Description: The Transmission System and Market Operator Company in Kosovo (KOSTT or the Client) intends using the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) for the financing of Kosovo Transmission Development Project.

The proposed project has a total estimated cost of about Euro 36 million to be financed by the Bank and the Company, and will require the procurement of the following goods, works and services for:

  1. GIS Substations: 110/10(20) kV – Prishtina 6 and 110 kV HIS in SS Prishtina 4, 110/10(20) kV – Fushe Kosova, 110/10(20) kV – Mitrovica 2, 110/10(20) kV – SS Theranda and 220/10(20) kV – Drenasi 2
  2. Power Transformers: 2×40 MVA in SS Prishtina 6, 2×40 MVA in SS Fushe Kosova, 2×40 MVA in SS Mitrovica 2 and 2×40 MVA in SS Drenasi 2
  3. Transmission Lines and Cables: 110 kV Single circuit line Rahoveci – Theranda, 110 kV Double circuit line and cables Fushe Kosova, 220 kV Double circuit line Drenasi 2, 110 kV Double circuit cable line Mitrovica and 110 kV Double circuit cable line Pristina 6
  4. Consultancy Services for a Project Preparation
  5. Consultancy Services for Capacity Building
  6. Consultancy Services for Project Implementation (this Notice)

All procurement financed by the EBRD loan proceeds will be undertaken in full compliance with EBRD’s Procurement Policies and Rules (PP&R).

This invitation for Expression of Interest is issued for No. 6 the Project Implementation Consultant. The Project will be implemented by KOSTT located in Pristina. The consultancy services will mainly focus on contracts management supervision, project monitoring, evaluation and reporting. The Consultant needs to meet the listed qualification criteria in below.
The principal objective of this assignment is to deliver assistance to the Client during Project implementation in order to ensure that all Bank financed contracts are carried out in accordance with relevant contracts conditions in terms of quality and schedule. The Consultant will assist the Client with the following tasks:

A. Assistance in Site Supervision, Monitoring and Reporting

During the implementation period all contractors shall be obliged to submit updated schedules, showing the actual status of their progress e.g. manufacturing, delivery, installation and construction status. This information shall be incorporated in the project master plan to detect discrepancies to the planned project progress in time. If significant discrepancies are detected countermeasures should be initiated by the PIU to avoid a shifting of the project key dates.

B. Testing, Commissioning and Operational Acceptance

  • Assist in testing procedures as required by Client;
  • Monitor commissioning, testing and acceptance procedures;
  • Participate in the interim and final acceptance of works;
  • Review contractors test reports;
  • Assist in preparing acceptance certificates and other contractual documents;
  • Assist Client in checking and reviewing the final payment on completion of contracts.

C. Environmental and Social Action Plan

The Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) is an integral component of the project, and the Consultant should assist the PIU in planning, organizing, monitoring, and reporting on, the progress achieved in implementing the ESAP.

D. Knowledge transfer to Client

The Consultant should ensure that there is a knowledge transfer to Client in all aspects of oversight and management of project implementation. The Consultant should train the PIU to meet the reporting requirements stipulated under the Loan Agreements. This will include regular reporting on any time-dependent covenants, implementation of any time or progress–dependant elements such as insurance policies, general progress reporting (programme, progress and financial status).

Status of Selection Process: Interested firms are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.

Assignment expected start date and duration: assignment is expected to take place from March 2016 and last for approximately two (2) years, plus defect liability period (DLP) of one (year). The input of the experts is expected to be intermittent during this period (detailed schedule to be agreed upon between the Client and the Consultant).

Maximum Budget available for the Assignment: EUR 1,300,000 (exclusive of VAT).

Funding Source: Through EBRD loan proceeds.

Eligibility Restrictions: There are no eligibility restrictions.

Consultant Profile: An international firm of consultants will be engaged for this assignment and is expected to procure the services of a multidisciplinary team of both international and local experts as appropriate.

The Consultant is expected to have relevant expertise and experience in implementation of power transmission line projects and substation projects. The Consultant needs to demonstrate at least 10 years of general experience in the Energy Sector, particularly in implementation of power transmission line projects and substation projects.

The following is the minimum expertise (key experts) and experience required for this assignment:

Key Experts (subject to evaluation)

  1. Team Leader: preferably an Electrical Engineer with at least 15 years of general professional experience and relevant project experience in planning and implementation of construction of transmission line and substation projects. The candidate must have a good knowledge of the English language which is necessary for coordination and reporting.
  2. Substation/GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) Expert
  3. Relay Protection and Control Expert
  4. SCADA, Metering and Telecomm Expert
  5. Overhead Line and Underground Cable Line Expert

Above experts 2 – 5 need to prove at least 10 years’ experience in site supervision and commissioning of transmission line (overhead line and underground cable line) and substation projects.

Non-Key Experts

  • Civil Works Expert
  • Environmental and Social Measures Expert
  • Site Manager: with at least 7 years’ experience, mainly in site supervision of substation projects, as a permanent resident during project implementation phase

6.Short term experts with at least 10 years’ of relevant experience in:

  • Design of HV substations and transmission lines (overhead lines and underground cable lines);
  • Factory acceptance tests for similar assets;
  • Commissioning of similar assets;
  • Relay protection and control;
  • Civil Works in the field of substation, tower foundations construction and cabling;
  • Environmental/social issues.

7. Local Experts (as required) with at least 5 years’ experience in:
Supervision and commissioning of transmission lines and substations, Factory acceptance tests and Commissioning for similar assets, Relay Protection and Control Measures, Civil Works in the field of substations, tower foundations construction and cabling, (110 kV and higher voltage) and substations, Environmental and Social Measures;

  • Substation and Transmission line Expert
  • Relay protection and control/SCADA Expert
  • Civil Works Expert

8. Secretarial/ Support: to hire local support staff as required for project implementation in order to provide secretarial, interpretation, translation, and transport services. No CV needs to be provided for this position.
Submission Requirements: Interested consultants are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.

In order to determine the capability and experience of consulting firms seeking to be shortlisted, the information submitted should include the following:

  • Company profile, proposed project organisation and staffing;
  • Details of experience or similar assignments undertaken in the previous five years, including their locations, overall budget, and proportion undertaken by the consultant both in terms of staff input and budget;
  • CVs (limited to 4 pages per CV) of staff who could be available to work on the assignment..

The above information should not exceed 10 pages excluding CVs.
One original and two numbered hard copies together with electronic copy on CD-Rom of the above information in English should be submitted to the Client in an envelope marked “Expression of Interest for Kosovo Transmission Development Project: Project Implementation Consultant”, to reach the Client not later than the above closing date.

Contact Details:
Mr. Ilir Shala
Director of Department for Project Management & Engineering
KOSTT – Transmission System and Market Operator
Iljaz Kodra St. nn
10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosova
Fax: (+381-38) 500-20-1


Mr. Abdulsatar Ibrahimi
Director of Procurement Department
KOSTT – Transmission System and Market Operator
Iljaz Kodra St. nn
10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosova
Fax: (+381-38) 500-20-1

Notes: Following this invitation for expressions of interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals. Shortlisting, selection and contracting will be subject to the availability of funding.