Yesterday the
Parliament of Albania passed the Law on Promotion of the Use of Energy from
Renewable Sources. The draft law was challenged by the operators of small
hydropower plants in the country, as it changes the regulatory regime and
support scheme hitherto applicable. This was the culmination of a long-standing
dispute with the Government.

The Secretariat’s
Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Centre facilitated the negotiations between
the producers and the Albanian government and parliamentary committee. A
compromise solution was found in December 2016, which served as a basis for a
special provision now incorporated within the new law. Part of the compromise
is that the Secretariat will be involved in the setting of the methodology for
the calculation of the support scheme applicable to existing producers.

“The Secretariat
emphasises the importance of the adoption of a final solution that is
acceptable to all stakeholders involved. We hope that the compromise found will
positively affect legal certainty and improve both compliance with the acquis
and investor confidence,” said Deputy Director Dirk Buschle.

The Secretariat will
now verify the adopted law’s compliance with the Energy Community acquis.

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