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Presentation of Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC

ACERC is a think tank centre with focus on the Albania energy market and its integration in the regional IEM. The Acerc mission base on the in-depth knowledge of EU and regional energy law and policy and strives to provide a qualified contribution to the promotion of the liberalization and effective integration as well as efficient use of energy resources.

main activities briefly consists in build-up collaborations and supports to market players in study researches such as the certificate reports, articles and periodicals. The transfer of high expertise through building-up institutional capacities by national and regional training courses, seminars and conferences. The institutional representation and integration within framework of the forum of Albanian School of Regulation.

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La Grèce veut éviter la privatisation de son réseau électrique Le | 25.07.2015

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Thu, July 30, 2015 16:07:18

Même s’il s’y est engagé face à ses créanciers, le gouvernement grec aimerait éviter de privatiser Admie, l’opérateur de son réseau électrique. Le nouveau ministre de l’énergie, Panos Skourletis, a indiqué dans un entretien à l’hebdomadaire Agora publié samedi 25 juillet qu’il allait explorer des alternatives : « Nous allons suivre le chemin de mesures alternatives, équivalentes, comme cela a été le cas dans d’autres pays européens. »

Le train de mesures qu’Athènes a récemment accepté de mettre en œuvre pour ouvrir la voie à un troisième plan d’aide international pour Athènes prévoit la cession d’Admie, à moins que des solutions de remplacement permettant aussi d’ouvrir le marché à la concurrence puissent être trouvées.

Le gouvernement d’Alexis Tsipras, qui a interrompu la privatisation de l’entreprise publique lors de son arrivée aux affaires, en janvier, estime que l’importance stratégique du réseau de transport de l’électricité nécessitait qu’il demeure sous contrôle public. « Nous devrions réaliser que le rôle de PPC [la compagnie publique d’électricité] et de ses actifs gérés par Admie est inestimable », a déclaré Panos Skourletis, ajoutant qu’il était aussi opposé à la cession de PPC, entamée par le précédent gouvernement de droite.

Les représentants des créanciers doivent arriver « d’ici dimanche soir » à Athènes pour entamer les discussions techniques en vue de finaliser le nouveau prêt sur trois ans au pays de plus de 82 milliards d’euros convenu le 13 juillet.

Croatia Launches New Oil and Gas Tenders, Sven Milekic BIRN, 30 JUL 15

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Thu, July 30, 2015 13:40:44

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency announced on Wednesday that a second licensing round will begin in September for exploration areas in both the Adriatic Sea and Slavonia.

The tender will be opened for seven months, during which time interested companies will receive documentation showing the potential for hydrocarbon exploitation and be asked to make a binding offer.

The companies that are granted licences will sign a two-year contract for exploration, followed by a three-year contract including exploitation as well. After a five-year period, the companies will be granted 25-year-long concessions for exploitation.

The Croatian government launched its first offshore tender in April 2014, which resulted in the granting of ten licences to three consortiums in January 2015.

After the first round, licenses for 19 exploration areas were not handed out and an additional seven became available on Monday, when a consortium consisting of Austria’s OMV and the US Marathon Oil Corporation decided to opt out of exploration for gas and oil in the Adriatic Sea.

The consortium decided not to sign a contract with the government partly because of a maritime border dispute between Croatia and Montenegro in the southern Adriatic, where three out of their seven exploration zones were located.

In the first round, a consortium consisting of Italy’s ENI and Medoilgas was granted one licence in the central Adriatic, while the Croatian-Hungarian INA received two licences in the south.

Although one of their two exploration areas lies in the disputed waters, INA has said it is still analysing these “new circumstances”.

The whole process has already fallen behind schedule, because the contract signing was first scheduled for April, then postponed to June due to concerns raised by Croatia’s maritime neighbours – Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro – and afterwards moved again to September.

Croatia launched its first onshore tender for Slavonia in July 2014, granting all six licences to three companies in June 2015. Canada’s Vermilion Zagreb Exploration received four, Nigeria’s OANDO PLC received one and INA received the final licence.

The Croatian government has said it expects that around 530 million euro will be invested by the companies involved.

Rama: We identified new economic growth paths 30/07/2015

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Thu, July 30, 2015 10:56:01

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, was present at a conference organized by the Ministry of Economy for Economic Development. He declared that together with EU experts, the government is identifying new economic growth paths.

“The members of our team for economic development are EU experts. We have identified new paths for the economic growth, so that we can pass from a model that brings unstable economic development with a higher cost, to another one that guarantees stable development and real employment with a low cost”, Rama declared.

“We will not allow the energy crisis to damage us”, Rama added.

Archive: New submarine interconnections with the Balkans being developed

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Wed, July 29, 2015 10:26:57

Our initiatives for strengthening submarine interconnections
with the Balkans; from the electricity bridge with Montenegro to the
interconnections with Croatia and Albania.

Terna is developing projects for new submarine
interconnections in the Balkan area with the objective of contributing to the
diversification of sources and energy supply areas and of reducing the price of
electricity in Italy, in addition to increasing the safety levels of the
Italian electricity system.

The Balkan area is characterized by a significant unused energy potential with
particular regard to considerable hydro resources as well as opportunities for
renewable sources plants and lignite and carbon mines.

The most significant project is the new submarine
interconnection with Montenegro. The new connection will represent the first
1000 MW “electricity bridge” with the Balkan area. 415 km in length
between Villanova (Abruzzo) and Tivat (Montenegro), 390 km of which made of
submarine cable and 25 km of land cable for a total of 760 million euros of
investments. The “electricity bridge” is undergoing the preliminary project
planning phase on the part of Terna and of Montenegro’s grid operator, Prenos;
agreements are being finalized for building the interconnection and drafting a
development plan for Montenegro’s grid infrastructures linked to this cable. On
February 6, 2010 an intergovernmental agreement was signed between Italy and
Montenegro. On December 2, 2009 Terna began the authorization procedure for the
Italian segment of the new cable.

The initiatives for new connections with the Balkans which
are in progress are:

the new submarine interconnection with Croatia, for which
feasibility studies were conducted by Terna and by the Croatian grid operator
HE-OPS; discussions are underway on a possible building schedule;

the new interconnection with Albania, for which contacts
with initiative promoters of new generation plants in Albania are underway.

Southern energy ring, investment after 4 decades, Published on : 24 July 2015

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Wed, July 29, 2015 09:06:58

One of the most important investments to enhance the network of 110kW line transmission in southern Albania is being made after four decades of electrification. Prime Minister Edi Rama and Minister of Energy Damian Gjiknuri were today in Himare and inspected works for the construction of the 110kW power line Babice-Sarande. The approximately 109 kilometer long line is part of the southern energy ring. Approximately 11 million Euros will be invested in order to replace the overused network and improve the quality of supply.

This is the first investment in the energy system of the area made after 40 years. It will be expanded with the construction of two substations of 110 kW lines in the Ionian coastline, in Orikum and Himare. In case of defects in the transmission lines, the line Babice-Sarande will provide power supply to Sarande, Delvine, Gjirokaster and Telepele. In addition, it guarantees safe operation of the power plant of Bistrice.

Director of Transmission System Operator (TSO), Engjell Zeqo said that this investment will guarantee a thorough improvement of the quality of electricity service in a priority area for tourism development. “The benefit of this will be reduction of losses, but also reduction of the hours without energy. And if you consider this, costs are now hundreds of times higher than buying expensive energy. Meanwhile, it creates many opportunities for tourism, because today many business are affected by the lack of energy. Nobody has looked at this area for many years. This is the biggest investment made ever since the time of electrification.”

Minister Gjiknuri noted that this investment and the southern energy ring will eventually solve the power supply problem of the south coast. “The villages along the coast, which is the most touristic part, should be supplied normally with energy. This investment avoids all of this problems, especially when temperature raises. I think that within two years we will have a power supply with modern standards and there will be no problems. We will have available the basic structure for the development of tourism.”

The 110kW transmission network in the south of Albania, also known as the southern energy ring, which is in the implementation phase, consists of the 110 kW lines of Vlore-Sarande; Erseke-Përmet; Korce-Erseke; Përmet-Këlcyrë-Memaliaj and Zemblak-Korce. TSO Director informed that the line Korce-Erseke will be completed in September, and that with the completion of the line Babice-Sarande by 2015 the entire southern ring will have a new line.”

The Prime Minister said that poor quality of electricity supply is one of the major issues not only in the lives of residents, but also for the development of the tourist potential in this area.

This line will solve this problem of the coastline once and for all. Therefore, this investment was welcomed by residents of the area, and one of them told the Prime Minister “This is something great you are doing for us.”

The new methods of transportation by drone of the fibers to be extended from one pole to the other was demonstrated for the first time on the ground. So far, this has been done manually by workers.

Albania: Results of competition for the exploration of free blocks

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Mon, July 27, 2015 13:05:57

Pursuant to the Order of AKBN’s Executive Director, no. 1183, dated 15.07.2015, “ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A COMISSION ON REVIEWING THE SUBMITTED PROPOSALS BY HYDROCARBON COMPANIES” commissioners received the application documents deposited in AKBN, Record sheet no. 1217, dated 07.16.2015.

To this purpose another Record sheet no. Prot 1217/1, dated 16.07.2015 was drafted.
Pursuant to the verification of the submitted documentation, the commission ascertained that applications were submitted for Block 4 and Block Dumre, as it follows:

-Block 4

1.Shell Upstream Albania B.V dhe Petromanas ALBANIA GmbH

2.Interland Investment SA

-Block Dumre

1.Shell Upstream Albania B.V dhe Petromanas ALBANIA GmbH

2.Interland Investment SA

3.Navitas Petroleum Limited

Applicants’ proposals are being considered.

Italy, 16.4 million EUR of soft loans for the energy sector 23/07/2015

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Mon, July 27, 2015 12:35:39

The Ministry of Energy and Industry will use 16.4 million EUR of soft loans, offered by the Italian government, in support of the Albanian energy sector. The cooperation memorandum was signed by Foreign Minister Damian Gjiknuri and Italian Ambassador Massimo Gaiani.

The funds remaining from the program “Technical and Managerial Restructuring of KESH, and the repair of the Albanian electric system – APE1” and “Restructuring and repair of the Albanian electric system for its integration in the Balkan system – APE 2”, which foressees a soft loan of 93 million EUR for the Albanian government, and a grant component of 1 million EUR.

“There will be investments in the Himara-Saranda region. The new substations in Orikum-Himara will complete the distribution network in that important area for the tourist potentials. Eight million EUR will be invested in the years to come”, Minister Gjiknuri declared.

“First of all it is the empowering of the distribution system in the southern area, which has an important tourist potential for the country. The second part of the activities is related to the enlargement of the supervisory system and the data control with the Skada system, which will be used in all substations with 110 KW. Through these projects, the Albanian electric-energetic system will be more credible and more integrated in the European ssytem, and will take energy where it is mostly needed”, said the Italian ambassador, Massimo Gaiani.

Three int’l companies bid for exploiting two onshore oil blocks in Albania, Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-7-25

AEI Updates July 2015 Posted on Sat, July 25, 2015 19:35:39

Three international hydrocarbons companies have expressed their interest to invest in the hydrocarbons sector in Albania, to drill two onshore oil blocks in Dumre area, announced the Albanian ministry of energy and industry on Friday.

The companies have applied at the Albanian national agency of natural resources for exploiting Block 4 and Dumre Block.

“Block 4” has received application from two companies Shell Upstream Albania B. & Petromanas Albania GmbH and Interland Investment SA, while for Dumre Block received submission from three companies, Shell Upstream Albania B. & Petromanas Albania GmbH, Interland Investment SA and Navitas Petroleum Limited, according to Albanian daily news.

Shell Upstream Albania and Petromanas are jointly working in Shpirag area in search of oil. Shell is one of the most known and successful companies in the hydrocarbons sector and is active in 90 countries worldwide.

Navitas Petroleum Limited Israeli Company is controlled by Delek Group LTD, a leading company in the world in various sectors as energy, oil and gas, energetic parks and infrastructure. It has a market cap of more than 5 billion US dollars and company’s activity is mainly focused in eastern Mediterranean, Israel and Cyprus.

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